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Episode #101 - "Pilot Part 1"
September 22, 2004

A man awakes in a jungle. He is bruised and bloody, and doesn't know where he is. A yellow Labrador Retriever watches him from the trees, then suddenly runs off. He forces himself up and winces in pain, leaning against a tree. He checks his jacket pocket and finds a small bottle of vodka. Recognition of where he is begins to float across his face. He winces back the pain and begins to run through the trees, reaching a beautiful beach.
br>He hears sounds - people screaming. He wanders around a bend and finds what has brought him here - a plane crash, survivors in shock. A man trapped beneath wreckage. A woman not breathing. A pregnant woman screaming for help. He runs to help those he can, and rallies the others to help him. One of these strangers asks his name: "Jack."

After the initial shock of the crash has settled a little, Jack digs through the scattered luggage and finds a sewing kit. He goes off into the woods to check his own injuries, where he meets a young woman. He enlists her help in stitching a laceration on his back closed, and he explains that he is a doctor.

Back at the crash site, the survivors do their best to make themselves comfortable. Sayid introduces himself to Charlie, and gets Charlie to help build a bonfire, for the rescuers to see. Hurley gathers together the food from the plane, and distributes it amongst the survivors. Michael checks on the welfare of his son, Walt. And Jack has returned to the beach with his new friend, Kate. Jack explains to her that if they can find the front of the plane, they may be able to radio for help with a transceiver. Kate says she saw smoke coming from the jungle - and tells Jack if he's going to look for it, she's coming with him. Just as Jack is about to argue, the group hears a sound from inside the trees - a loud, terrifying, monstrous howl that goes on and on. The tops of the trees shake, and eventually whatever is making the sound goes away, leaving the survivors marooned, exhausted - and now terrified.

The next day, Jack and Kate tell the survivors that they are going to look for the rest of the fuselage. Charlie invites himself along for the trip, and the three head off. On the way, Kate realizes that she knows Charlie from somewhere, but can't place him. Charlie gleefully announces that he's the bassist for Drive Shaft, which pleases Kate. As the trio works their way across a valley and re-enters the jungle, the sky darkens, and a rainstorm strikes from out of nowhere. Back at the crash site, everyone rushes for cover as the strange sounds from the jungle begin again.

Jack, Kate and Charlie find the wreckage in the jungle. They see no signs of survivors as they climb up into the fuselage towards the cockpit. After breaking their way in, they find the Pilot still strapped to his seat. As Kate and Jack search for the fuselage, the seemingly-dead Pilot wakes up. After they give him some water, they tell the pilot "at least 48" of the passengers have survived, and it's been sixteen hours since the crash. The Pilot then tells them they lost their radio six hours into the flight, and couldn't be seen by anyone. They turned around to head to Fiji, and by the time they hit turbulence and crashed, they were a thousand miles off-course. The rescuers are looking in the wrong place.

The Pilot shows them where the transceiver is kept, and as he tries to get it to work, and Kate finds Charlie in the bathroom for some reason, the strange sounds are heard again - this time just outside the fuselage. They try to catch a glimpse of whatever is making the sound through the cockpit windows, and when the Pilot crawls out to take a look, he is snatched up by the mysterious force. The fuselage is then knocked to the ground, and Charlie, Jack and Kate try and make a run for it.

The three survivors run for their lives, with whatever-it-is hot on their heels. Charlie falls, and when Jack goes back to help him, Kate finds herself alone in the jungle, terrified. Charlie comes upon her suddenly, and the rain stops just as quickly as it began. They go back looking for Jack, and find him a little ways back, along with the body of the Pilot - hanging from the top of a tree above them. They stand there, wondering what could do something like that.

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Episode #102 - "Pilot Part 2"
September 29, 2004

Shannon has found her belongings and retrieved a bikini to take advantage of the sun. Boone arrives to tell her that he and the other survivors are going through the wreckage and salvaging everything they can. She makes it clear that she has no intention of helping. What's the point, they're going to be rescued any minute, right?

Jin wades through the tide pools gathering sea urchin. Sun is watching from the beach when Michael arrives to ask her if she has seen his son, Walt. Jin overhears the conversation and chastises Sun for having the top button of her sweater open.

While searching the woods for Vincent, Walt stumbles across something lying on the ground. Michael catches up with him and scolds him for running off without telling him. Michael shows his father what he found - a pair of handcuffs.

And as we're wondering where those cuffs came from, we catch up with Jack, Kate and Charlie who appear to have escaped...whatever was chasing them. Kate asks Charlie what he was doing in the bathroom of the cockpit. Charlie confesses he was throwing up, but we soon learn this isn't true. Charlie left something in the airplane bathroom just before the crash. Something he was desperate to get back.

Back at the beach Sawyer and Sayid are in the middle of a brawl and it's all Jack and the others can do to break them up. Sawyer is convinced that Sayid is a terrorist and responsible for the crash. But when Kate asks if anyone can fix the transceiver, Sayid is the only one who is able to help. How? He was a military communications officer. Sayid goes off to fix the transceiver as Jack is called to tend to a horribly injured survivor who needs an operation to remove the piece of wreckage from his abdomen.

Hurley learns that Sayid saw action in the Gulf War. Not in the Air Force or Marines, but The Republican Guard! He gets the transceiver working, but can't get a signal. He tells Kate he has an idea - If they can climb that mountain they might get a signal at high ground.

Elsewhere, Boone lays into Shannon for being incredibly selfish. She lashes back at him and tells her brother that she is going on the hike to find high ground with the others. Knowing she won't change her mind, Boone goes along to look after his sister. Charlie and Sawyer decide to join the group at the last minute.

As the Signal Party climbs the steep slopes of the mountain, Jack asks Hurley to search the luggage for antibiotics while he looks for a blade he can use to operate. Along the way Jack runs into Michael and tells him he saw Vincent in the jungle earlier.

Walt, wandering alone, without his dog, comes upon Locke placing the pieces on his backgammon board. Walt's curiosity gets the best of him. After teaching Walt the history of backgammon, Locke asks Walt a very creepy question: "Do you want to know a secret?"

Jin, who has been handing out the sea urchin he caught, finds Claire sitting alone writing in her. Soon after swallowing the food she feels her baby kick for the first time since the crash. In the joyful realization, Claire admits that she thinks of the baby as a "He."

Meanwhile the Signal Party is walking through a new stretch of jungle. Just as Sayid and Sawyer are about to go at each other again, they discover that they have bigger problems. Something big is out there and it's coming their way. They all turn to run; all except Sawyer that is who pulls a gun out of his belt and fires at the charging animal until it falls dead at his feet. We get our first good look at what came at them. But there must be some mistake. We're on a tropical island...and that's a polar bear!

Jack begins his operation to remove the piece of metal from the belly of the survivor. Hurley tries to help but faints at the first sight of blood.

Back in the jungle, Sawyer explains that he got the gun off on one of the bodies. And guess what, he took the guy's badge too. There was a US Marshall on the plane and that would suggest a prisoner was being transported. But who was it? As Kate takes the gun apart and divides the pieces among the group we get to see her memory of the crash. And in the process we learn that Kate is keeping quite a secret herself.

In the middle of his primitive surgery, Jack's patient regains consciousness. He is consumed by one question: "Where is she?"

At high ground, the group is finally able to get a signal, but they can't transmit because something else is already transmitting. It's difficult to hear, but...it sounds French. It's a distress signal that has been playing over and over for a very long time. Shannon spent a year "studying" in France and is called upon to translate. But what they learn is more terrifying than anything they could have imagined

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Episode #103 - "Tabula Rasa"
October 6, 2004

In a makeshift infirmary tent, Jack is tending to the Marshal who mutters the same thing over and over through his pain: "Don't trust her...She's dangerous." When Jack asks him who "She" is, the Marshal tells him to look in his Jacket pocket. What he finds there will change things on the island forever. It's a mug shot...of Kate!

The Signal Party is working their way back down the mountain. It's getting dark and some of them want to make camp for the night. Sawyer wants to press on through the jungle at night, but anyone who has seen the last two episodes knows that isn't a very good idea and he is convinced to stay. Sitting around the fire, they discuss what they should tell the others about the French transmission. That information hasn't exactly done a lot for their peace of mind, so in the end they decide not to tell the others anything in order to preserve hope. At least for now...

And speaking of hope, back in the tent Jack is using a great deal of it trying to save the Marshall. Hurley enters, stumbles across Kate's mug shot and asks the question we all want answered: "What do you think she did?" - off which we FLASHBACK TO:

Kate, being prodded by a shotgun held by a farmer (Ray) who wants to know what she is doing sleeping in his barn. After a frank exchange, the two find that they can be of service to each other. He needs some help on the farm, she needs a job and a place to stay. She says her name is "Annie."

Back at the Signal Party, Boone lifts the gun from Sawyer and the clip from Sayid as they sleep. They wake up and an argument ensues over who should have the gun, but they can't agree on a trustworthy candidate - until they arrive at Kate. She reluctantly agrees to keep it.

The next morning, Hurley arrives at the infirmary tent to tell Jack the Signal Party has returned. Kate pulls Jack aside and says she has something she wants to tell him...in private. Jack is relieved, assuming that she is going to confide in him. But when they get down to it, Kate tells Jack about the French transmission. He asks if there is anything else she'd like to tell him. She asks if the Marshal has regained consciousness. When Jack tells her he did briefly during the surgery, Kate asks if he said anything to Jack. Jack considers the question for a moment before answering, "No."

The Marshal has taken a turn for the worse. If they don't find some stronger antibiotics, he's not going to make it. Hurley tells him he's looked everywhere...except the fuselage - but that's full of bodies "and they're all...dead."

Jack enters the wreckage and does his best to avoid disturbing the bodies as he makes a desperate search for anything that will help the Marshal. Hearing something rustling behind him, he finds Sawyer combing the fuselage for a different reason - turns out he's doing a little personal shopping. Jack berates him for disrespecting the dead, but Sawyer tells Jack to get with the program. Jack still thinks they are back in civilization while Sawyer realizes they are "in the wild."

At one end of the beach, Charlie is helping Claire collect luggage using a wheelchair from the plane and they begin to form a bond. Meanwhile, Sun presents a suitcase to Jin, but after closer inspection Jin determines it is the wrong one and tells Sun to keep looking. But before she does, he tells her to go and clean up her face, she is embarrassing him. As she turns leave, he tells her he loves her. And the strange thing is that he appears to mean it.

Hurley bumps into Kate at the infirmary tent and tries to play it cool about knowing her secret and in the process notices the gun in her waistband. He is not a smooth liar. And off the gun we FLAHBACK to:

Kate, who decides it's time to move on from the Australian farm. But when she accepts a ride from Ray to the train station, she learns that he is planning on turning her in to the authorities. He saw her picture at the post office and he really needs that reward money. Kate looks in the side mirror to see the Marshal, hot on her heels. In a desperate attempt to get away, Kate jerks the wheel and crashes the truck off the road. Saving the farmer from the truck costs her a chance to escape and she is captured by the Marshal.

Back in real time, while leaning over her body, the Marshal wakes up and lunges at Kate's throat, choking her. Jack has to pull him off of her before it's too late.

Michael struggles to forge bond with Walt - wants to know what the bald told him yesterday. Walt says it's a secret, but when Michael presses the issue, Walt reveals that Locke told him "a miracle happened." Michael wants him to stay away from Locke.

When the rain stops, Michael searches for the dog in jungle. He hears something in the tall grass; something dangerous. He runs as fast as he can to get away from it and runs smack into Sun, who is topless and washing herself. There is an awkward moment between them.

Back on the beach, the Marshal is dying. Loudly. His screams are taking a physical toll on the rest of the group. Sayid asks Jack if anything can be done. Jack says he is doing all he can. The Marshal tells Jack he wants to speak to Kate...alone. While she is in the tent, Hurley tells Jack about the gun he saw in her pants. Jack races back to the infirmary tent before it's too late... "BANG!"

Out of the tent walks...Sawyer! He did what had to be done -what Jack couldn't do. Horrible groans come from the tent again. We go in to find that the Marshal still isn't dead - Sawyer shot him in the chest! He was aiming for the heart, but he missed! It will take hours for him to bleed out and he will suffer horribly. Jack throws an extremely shaken Sawyer out of the tent. And a few moments later...the moans stop for good. Jack emerges and walks past Sawyer without a word.

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Episode #104 - "Walkabout"
October 13, 2004

We are in Locke's dream as the show opens and it's moments after the crash. As his eye opens, we see the experience from his perspective. Chaos rages around him as he very cautiously looks down to his feet. We see him wiggle his big toe - Good, everything works.

Back in real time, Locke's dream is interrupted by Vincent barking. In fact, he's waking up the entire camp. He won't stop barking at the fuselage and when Jack and the others listen closely they can hear something rummaging around in there. But that can't be, everything in there is...dead. Sawyer? Nope, he's right behind Jack. When they shine a flashlight inside, two glowing eyes shine right back at them. Uh oh...

Three squealing beasts charge out of the wreckage and tear through the camp. As they disappear back into the jungle, Locke is able to determine what they are -Wild Boars. They've been attracted by the bodies that have been baking in the fuselage for the last 4 days. Something has to be done. Bury them? They wouldn't stay buried, not for long anyway. Jack makes the only call he can - The bodies have to be burned.

But, as usual, just as one problem is solved, another rears its ugly head. They're out of food. It's all gone. And just as panic begins to set in, Locke steps forward with his own brand of problem solving. They can hunt the boars. What are they supposed to hunt with? The case of knives Locke checked into the luggage compartment. "Who is this guy?"

In FLASHBACK Locke gets a cryptic phone call from someone who calls him "Colonel." Of course, he's in the military! But we soon discover that isn't true at all - Locke is just another cubicle jockey with an active imagination.

Back on the island, Michael is getting ready to go with Locke. Walt wants to come, but Michael manages to communicate with Sun well enough to convince her to watch his son until the hunting party returns. Meanwhile, Sayid has a plan to try and locate the source of the French Transmission using homemade antennas to triangulate the signal. Kate agrees to help him and tells Jack of her plan before setting off with Locke and Michael to hunt for boar. Back at the fuselage, Claire is beginning to collect the personal effects of the dead for use in a eulogy during the cremation. She asks Jack to be the one to give it, but he doesn't want the job. Claire decides to do it herself.

Boone remarks to Shannon that one of the survivors, Rose, has been sitting by herself way down the beach. He's pretty sure she hasn't eaten since the crash. When Shannon tells him to butt out, Boone reminds Shannon that she would starve without his help. She vows to show him she can take care of herself.

Deep in the jungle, Locke has found the boar trail. They're close. He sends Michael and Kate out to surround the beast, but it turns on them and charges. Michael is gored in the leg and as Kate helps him up she calls to Locke to see if he is okay. "I'm fine, Helen, I just got the wind knocked out of me." Who is Helen?

In FLASHBACK, we see Locke enjoying an intimate conversation with "Helen" over the phone. He has a surprise for her - he finally saved up the money to go to Australia and take that authentic aboriginal walkabout. And guess what? He bought two tickets. Sadly, we learn that Helen doesn't share the same feelings for Locke as he does for her.

Back on the island, Kate agrees to help Michael limp back to the beach, but Locke is determined to bring down that boar. Kate tells him he can't go out there by alone. Locke disagrees. "Don't tell me what I can't do."

Back on the beach, a hunter of another sort has found her quarry. Shannon flirts with Charlie and mentions how much she would like a fish. Charlie is only too happy to catch her one...as soon as he can learn how to from Hurley.

Jack has made his way over to Rose and tries to get her to open up to him. After some time, she does and tells him that, even though he has not been found, she believes her husband, Bernard is still alive. She agrees to rejoin the others. Meanwhile, back at the fuselage, Claire has found an envelope with Sayid's name on it. He opens it and we find a woman's picture inside. Sayid can't seem to take his eyes off her.

On the way back to the beach, Kate stops to climb a tree and attach the antenna. But when she is up there, she sees the monster knocking down trees in the distance and drops the antenna, breaking it. And the monster...is heading straight for Locke.

On the beach, Sun is teaching Walt about natural substitutes for toothpaste when Michael and Kate return. The others learn that the hunt was unsuccessful and worse still, that Locke is probably dead.

When Jack is making the final preparations to the fuselage, he sees something - wait -someone, off in the forest. When he chases after him, he runs smack into Locke, who has somehow managed to survive his run in with the monster. And that's not all - he brought back a boar with him.

As night falls, the fuselage is ignited and the names of the dead are read in memorial to them. Michael congratulates Locke on the hunt and asks him if he got a look at the monster. Locke tells him he didn't see anything.

But as we get one more glimpse into his past, we learn that Locke is keeping a secret - one that must be seen to be believed.

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Episode #105 - "White Rabbit"
October 20, 2004

As the eye opens, we see a trickle of blood beginning to flow from a cut just above it. We pull back to see a boy laying flat on his back. Beside him another boy is being ruthlessly beaten against a school yard fence. "Walk away now and you won't get your ass kicked," says the bully. And the truth of it is, walking away would definitely be the smart thing for him to do - the bully is much bigger than he is. But the boy against the fence is in real trouble and, mixed in with the pain and the terror there is something else written on his face - written so clearly you'd have to be blind not to see it. Please, help me! The first boy is up in a flash and goes to help his friend, but he's grabbed from behind by the bully and spun around, the bully's fist already cocked and ready to fire. "Should've stayed down Jack." WHAP! Lights out...

That was a Young Jack. Back in real time, Charlie races down the beach towards him, rousing Adult Jack from his FLASHBACK. "Jack! JACK! There's someone out there!" Charlie points out to the ocean - And oh my God, there IS someone out there yelling for help and struggling to stay afloat. Before Charlie can explain that he doesn't know how to swim, Jack is in the water, pounding through the surf towards the target. When he gets there, he scans the surface and finds nothing but open water. He dives under. Nothing. He dives again and he's down there a long time until...he's up and he's got someone with him. It's Boone! And just as we're about to breathe a sigh of relief, Boone asks a terrible question: "Did you get her?" Did he get who? "That woman, did you get her?" Jack turns around and, sure enough, there is someone else further out, calling for help and about to go under. Kate and Charlie take an exhausted Boone from Jack at the breakwater and Jack turns around and dives right back in. But we widen out we see the awful truth laid out before us. Jack can swim as hard as he wants... but there is no one left to save.

Back on the beach, while Kate is trying to prevent Jack from beating himself up for the life he didn't save, Jack sees the man in the suit standing in the water. When he asks Kate if she saw him too, Kate recognizes that Jack's exhausted and asks how long it's been since he slept.

Meanwhile, Sawyer has begun his own business, providing luxuries to the survivors from the stash of goodies he collected from the wreckage and as the prices reflect, he's got the market cornered in that department. "But don't worry", he tells Shannon...he'll take a check.

Hurley and Charlie tell Jack that they are dangerously low on water. It hasn't rained in a few days and there are 47 people to take care of. Jack has to point out the mathematical error. Better make that 46. They want Jack to decide what should be done, but he wants no part of it.

In FLASHBACK we see young Jack in his father's study receiving a very important lesson on what it takes to be a leader. He tells Jack he doesn't have it. And while that might not be the easiest lesson to learn, Jack needs to know there are consequences for getting involved in other people's business. Consequences like that shiner on his eye.

Back in real time, Jack is speaking with Boone when he sees the man in the suit again. This time, he's not going to let him get away. He races off into the woods and sees the man standing there with his back turned. When he turns around, the shock knocks Jack right off his feet because the man in the suit looks an awful lot like his FATHER!

On the beach, the heat and the lack of water are taking their toll. When Claire faints, the others rally to her side, but when they go to give her some of the precious water, they make a frightening discovery - it's all gone - stolen! Locke offers to go into the jungle to find more - just enough to keep Claire going.

IN FLASHBACK, we see Jack back in the same study, but he's older now - the Jack we know on the island. His mother tells him that his father is missing and that it's Jack's fault. She tells him to go and bring his father back home. Jack asks his mother where he is. She answers, Australia.

In the jungle, Jack races after the man in the suit. Just as he is getting close, he trips and falls down an incline, barely catching himself on a vine before falling off a cliff. He hangs there, slowly losing his grip on the vine. But just before he falls to the rocks below, a hand comes over and pulls him up. It's Locke! He tells Jack that the others are all looking to him to tell them what to do. Jack doesn't want the job and tells Locke about his hallucinations. Locke tells Jack that he should consider the possibility he is not hallucinating. But that's impossible. Locke tells him that possible is a relative term... especially on this island.

Back at the beach, Sayid and Kate catch Sun with a bottle of water. When they learn she got it from Sawyer, they confront him about stealing their supply. Turns out he didn't do it and he can prove it - he made a trade with Jin, "cave-man style". As Charlie does his best to comfort Claire, we wonder how long she can hang on.

In FLASHBACK, Jack finally catches up with his father in Australia...in the morgue. Back in reality, Jack wipes away his tears as he sits alone in the jungle struggling with the loss all over again. Suddenly, the man in the suit crosses by again. Jack follows him through the dark and into an undiscovered part of the island where Jack discovers fresh water and a COFFIN.

In the final FLASHBACK, we learn that Jack put his father's coffin on the plane to fly back to California for the funeral. In real time, Jack finds that the coffin is EMPTY. In a fit of frustration at not being able to bury his father and the pure exhaustion that may be causing him to hallucinate, he destroys the coffin.

Back at the beach the water thief is caught. It was Boone! And just as the mob is about to have at him, Jack returns to the scene. He tells them they can't go on like this. It's been six days and rescue hasn't come, they have to start accepting the idea that it may never come. He tells them about the water he found in the jungle and explains to them all that things have to change or more people are going to die. "If we can't live together, we're going to die alone."

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Episode #106 - "House of the Rising Sun"
October 27, 2004

We open on the eye of Sun - who looks out at her husband Jin as he catches and kills fish with his bare hands - when we launch into...a FLASHBACK - where Jin is a waiter at a lavish party for Korean high society; and Sun is a cocktail-clad part of that society. Both are in positions that highly contrast the characters we know on the island. Jin approaches Sun and offers her a glass of champagne, but there is another exchange going on between them - in their eyes - and when they meet later, we learn that they are lovers, as they steal a kiss in private. Sun wants to run away to America while Jin is worried about her father's approval. Jin presents her with a white orchid - all he can afford for now.

Back on the island, Jin is distracted by the sight of Michael and Walt walking down the beach, when suddenly, for no apparent reason, he charges Michael and proceeds to beat the crap out of him near the shoreline. Jin nearly drowns Michael as Walt and Sun look on helplessly, until Sawyer and Sayid step in to break it up. Sawyer uses the Marshal's handcuffs to chain Jin to a piece of the fuselage.

Meanwhile, Jack, Kate, Charlie and Locke trek towards the fresh water source. When Charlie separates from the group for a fix, he inadvertently steps on a bee hive. Locke, who seems to have followed him, instructs Charlie not to move, but Charlie has an irrational fear of bees. As he balances precariously on top of the hive - bees buzzing all around his head, we cut back to -

- the Beach, where Michael is explaining what happened. Defending himself, his frustration grows as the language barrier and race card come into play. Sayid insists that Jin remain handcuffed until they can sort things out. Sun looks on as we go into - another FLASHBACK, by an idyllic lake, where Jin announces his intentions of marrying Sun, with her father's blessings and gives her an engagement ring. Sun is overjoyed until she learns that, in return, Jin has agreed to work for her father's business. And off her look of concern, we cut back to -

- the island, where Charlie struggles to remain still as more bees buzz around him. Jack has a plan - he'll cover the hive, but before he's able to put his plan in action, Charlie is stung and stomps on the hive in reaction. The angry swarm is instantly on them and they all run off in separate directions, swatting bees and shedding clothes. Kate runs into a cave, where she stumbles into the skeletal remains of two bodies, one male, the other female, giving evidence to the fact that there were people on this island before them. When Jack examines "Adam & Eve", we learn that they've been dead for approximately 40 years and were laid to rest without any evidence of trauma. Among their few possessions, Jack finds a pouch containing two stones - one black, one white.

At the beach, Sun applies aloe to Jin's handcuffed wrist, which is chaffed and cut from the cuff. In FLASHBACK, we watch Sun enter a well appointed home to find a gift wrapped box waiting for her, with an adorable Sharpei puppy inside. But instead of looking pleased, Sun looks depressed. Jin is also distant and instead of sharing this moment with his wife, he retreats into the bedroom to take a business call.

Back in real time, Jack is encouraged by the discovery of the bodies at the caves. He suggests that, instead of bringing the water to the people, they bring the people to the water. While Charlie and Locke agree and stay behind to begin to prepare things for the others, Kate isn't quite convinced and remains unwilling to settle in.

Meanwhile, back on the beach, Walt is upset and confused over the attack and questions his father's part in it. Michael immediately assumes that Walt's mother said bad things about him, but the truth is even harder for him to take. His mother never spoke of him at all. And off these relative strangers we find -

- strangers of a different sort. As Sun tends to Jin, we FLASHBACK once more to their home, which has become even more ornate, and where Sun seems further trapped by her gilded cage. Jin enters and rushes into the bathroom with blood on his hands. Sun follows and begs Jin for an explanation, but he ignores her and will only say that he was working. Frustrated at his lie, Sun slaps her husband hard across the face, but instead of a reaction all she gets is a cold stare from a pair of dead eyes. Sun realizes for the first time that she doesn't know her own husband anymore. Jin tells her that he does whatever her father asks of him - and that what he does, he does for them. But Sun doesn't buy it and recoils from him in fear.

Back at the caves, Charlie cannot escape from the watchful eye of Locke, who claims to know who he is and what he's looking for. In his paranoia, Charlie assumes that Locke is wise to his drug habit, when in fact, Locke is talking about his status in Drive Shaft and the fact that he lost his guitar in the crash. Locke tells Charlie to have faith - this island will give you a great deal...if you are willing to give it something in return. Meanwhile, Jack returns to the beach and finds the people seriously divided about whether to move to the caves. Kate tells Jack that she just isn't willing to dig in and the two part ways.

Sun finds Michael chopping wood. In perfect English, she explains that her husband attacked Michael over a watch that belonged to her father - a watch that Michael is wearing on his wrist; a watch that symbolized honor amongst the men in her life. And as Michael attempts to take all this in, we go into another FLASHBACK, where a woman posing as a home decorator gives Sun instructions on how to make a getaway at the airport while on a business trip with Jin. We learn that Sun has been studying English for some time in anticipation of leaving her husband.

Back in real time, Charlie finally shakes Locke and sneaks away for a hit. The minute Charlie takes out his drugs, Locke is on him, demanding that he hand them over before he runs out - because then, as Locke reasons, he will be in control of his choice. Charlie is fed up with Locke and asks to be left alone, but Locke will not be denied. In a moment of desperation, Charlie hands over his bag to Locke. And, sure enough, he looks up to see his guitar, hanging in a tree.

Michael approaches Jin wielding the axe, but instead of killing the guy, Michael explains that he innocently found the watch and cuts Jin loose. He warns Jin to stay away from him and his son and walks away as Sun looks on. And in her FINAL FLASHBACK, we are at the airport in Australia. Sun is about to walk away from her husband, eyes darting from the clock to the car waiting outside. But when she looks back at Jin, she finds him holding a white orchid in his hands, reminding her of the simple love they once had. Sun makes a decision to stay with her husband and allows the car to leave without her.

At the caves, Charlie plays his guitar as Hurley, Jin, Sun and Jack arrive. Meanwhile, back at the beach, Sayid, Sawyer, Boone, Shannon, Michael, Walt and Kate keep the signal fire burning. The camps are divided as Jack and Kate stare into their separate fires...

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Episode #107 - "The Moth"
November 3, 2004

We open on the eye of a guitar and pan up to find Charlie, struggling to play the chords that once came easily. He's going through the initial stages of withdrawal -sweating, nervous and agitated. Locke encourages him to take a walk, but Charlie refuses.

Meanwhile, Jack tries in vain to convince Kate to come to the caves and Sawyer moves into the infirmary tent on the beach.

Charlie walks through the woods, hears what he thinks might be the monster and runs. We FLASHBACK to a confessional booth, where Charlie confesses to giving in to the temptations that come with his rock-star lifestyle. On the advice of the priest, Charlie considers quitting the band, until his brother Liam delivers news that they've been signed to a recording contract.

Back in real time, it turns out that Locke was using Charlie as bait to catch a boar. Fed up, Charlie demands his drugs back. Locke explains that he's going to let Charlie ask three times and that on the third time, he's going to let him have the drugs back-this was the first. Charlie begs Locke to throw the drugs away, but Locke reasons that would take away his choice, the only thing that separates us from the animals.

Back on the beach, Sayid tells Kate about his plan to triangulate the French broadcast -they'll set up three antennae and signal one another with bottle rockets as to when to turn them on. However, he needs a battery for the transceiver. Kate goes to Sawyer, knowing full well he has been hoarding stuff, and attempts to persuade him into contributing a battery. Kate claims to understand Sawyer-he has nothing and no one to return to, which is why he acts so selfishly. She says that she pities him. In an act of defiance, Sawyer gives up the battery.

Jack and Hurley continue to move bags from the beach to the caves. Charlie offers his help, but only gets in the way. When one of the bags pops open, Charlie spots some pill bottles and considers pocketing one. Jack catches him in the act. Charlie claims he has a "headache", but Jack tells him Diazepam is a little strong for a headache and dismisses him. Charlie returns to his guitar and we launch into another FLASHBACK, where Liam attempts to talk Charlie into staying with the band-tempting him with fame & fortune and appealing to his ego. Liam promises to look out for him and Charlie agrees so long as Liam promises they can walk away if things get too crazy.

At the caves, Hurley asks Charlie to move his guitar to make room for supplies. This pushes Charlie over the edge and he confronts Jack, going on an irrational rant. Suddenly, the cave walls begin to collapse, sending rocks and dirt everywhere. While Charlie escapes, Jack is trapped inside!

Kate & Sayid trek through the jungle to set the antennae and talk about fate, while Charlie runs to the beach to gather help. Boone leaves Shannon with the responsibility of firing off his bottle rocket and powering up his antenna. Sawyer volunteers to go tell Kate what happened to Jack, leaving Charlie behind. We FLASHBACK to the heyday of Drive Shaft. Charlie is up on stage next to Liam, enjoying the throngs of screaming fans. But as they launch into their hit song, "Y'all Everybody" Liam takes the chorus and sings it himself. Backstage, Charlie confronts his brother for singing his part. Liam claims that he was just caught up in the moment and dismisses Charlie, who stands by watching as his older brother takes a film canister from a girl and pulls out a familiar bag of brown powder. Liam throws Charlie a wink and a smile, before retreating to do the drugs.

Back in real time, everyone works together to clear the rocks from the mouth of the cave. When Michael arrives, he puts his eight years of construction experience into action and halts the work until he can figure out a good place to dig based on stability.

Out in the jungle, Sawyer intercepts Kate & Sayid to deliver news of Jack. But Kate's harsh comments cause Sawyer to have a change of heart and he decides to withhold the information and invite himself along on their mission.

As Locke works to skin another boar, Charlie approaches and tells him about the situation with Jack. But Locke knows the real reason Charlie came out into the jungle - he wants his stash. Locke shows Charlie a cocoon, where a moth struggles to emerge. He explains that he could help it out, but it would be too weak to survive-the struggle is nature's way of strengthening it. And off that nugget of wisdom, Locke reminds Charlie that if he asks again, the drugs will be his.

At the caves, Michael tunnels through to where Jack is able to hear their calls. Jack tells them he's pinned down and unable to move. Michael informs the group that someone small will have to go in after Jack. Charlie emerges from the woods and volunteers.

Back in the jungle, Sayid, Kate and Sawyer stop to place the second antenna. Sayid instructs Kate to watch for his bottle rocket at 5 o'clock, then sets out on his own, leaving Kate and Sawyer together. Sawyer attempts to suss out what Kate sees in Jack. Kate tells Sawyer he doesn't hold a candle to Jack, which leads Sawyer to reveal that Jack is probably dead.

Charlie crawls through the small tunnel towards Jack. In his FLASHBACK, he tunnels his way through the crowd backstage. Charlie finds Liam drinking and drugging with some groupies and berates Liam for missing sound check again and getting high before another show. While Liam takes it all very lightly, Charlie threatens to cancel the rest of the tour, claiming that things have gotten out of control and that it's time to walk away, as they agreed. Charlie tells Liam that he's destroying Drive Shaft, but Liam's ego has grown out of control-he thinks he is Drive Shaft. Liam tells Charlie he's nothing without the band and leaves him behind. Devastated, Charlie picks up one of the film canisters and empties its contents into his hands. He stares at it, tears welling up in his eyes as he contemplates taking them himself...

Halfway through the tunnel, the walls begin to collapse behind Charlie. He makes it to Jack, but now they're both trapped inside. Charlie unpins Jacks arm from under a rock and fixes his dislocated shoulder before we go into another FLASHBACK-

-to a suburban house in Australia. Charlie knocks on the door and a clean-cut Liam answers it. Charlie delivers news that he's lined up a gig for Drive Shaft as an opening act in L.A. Charlie wants a revival-needs a revival. But Liam is settled and likes his new life-he has a wife and child now. When Charlie takes off his sunglasses, Liam realizes that he's using again. Liam offers to get him some help and invites him to stay, but Charlie storms out and heads for the fateful flight back to Los Angeles.

Outside the cave, the group has nearly given up hope until Kate arrives and insists on continuing the rescue effort. Inside, Jack is quick to recognize signs of Charlie's withdrawal and tells him he'll help him though it, if they ever make it out-they're using up oxygen-FAST. But Charlie notices a moth flying around inside the cave and he follows it to a shaft of light where he begins digging for fresh air-

-as Kate and the others dig on the other side. Charlie and Jack break through the surface and stumble back into camp. Kate turns, relieved to see Jack alive and runs into his arms. Jack credits Charlie for getting them out.

Meanwhile, Sayid prepares to turn on his antenna and sets off his bottle rocket. Shannon miraculously holds up her end of the bargain from the beach and the third rocket is launched from Kate's position. Sayid turns on the antenna, about to receive the signal, when he's suddenly conked on the head with a log-someone or something doesn't want them to get off the island.

That night at the caves, Charlie goes to Locke and asks for his drugs. This is the third request and Locke sticks to his word, surrendering the little bag to Charlie. But Charlie unexpectantly tosses the bag into the fire. Locke tells Charlie he's proud of him and knew he could do it. Charlie watches as a moth dances over the fire, finally free of his addiction.

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Episode #108 - "Confidence Man"
November 10, 2004

Kate is out collecting bananas when she comes across a copy of the book Waterhsip Down on the beach. She looks over to find Sawyer taking a swim. He emerges naked from the surf and shamelessly flirts with her. As Kate questions if his tactics work on all the girls, we FLASHBACK to Sawyer in bed with a woman named Jessica - and his southern charm has certainly worked its magic this time around. They bask in the afterglow and seem very much in love. But Sawyer hops out of bed, claiming that he's late for a meeting. When he reaches for his briefcase, it spills open, revealing bundles of cash.

Back in the jungle, Sawyer approaches the hiding spot where he keeps his stash and finds Boone going through his things. Off Boone's scared expression we go to the caves, where Jack tends to Sayid's head wound as Sayid explains that whoever hit him also destroyed the transceiver. Sayid vows to find the person responsible. Boone stumbles back into camp, bloody and beaten. He explains that Shannon has asthma and has run out of refills for her inhaler. He went to see Sawyer because he caught him reading Waterhsip Down - a book that Boone had in his bag; the same bag that carried the refills. Boone tells Jack that Sawyer refused to give up the refills and attacked him.

On the beach, Charlie delivers water to Claire. He tells her that he's worried about her and attempts to talk her into moving to the caves. But Claire wants to stay on the beach, holding onto hope of rescue.

Jack confronts Sawyer about with-holding the inhaler refills that could help Shannon. He begins rifling through Sawyer's things and the two almost come to blows, but Kate interrupts them, diffusing the tense situation. Jack leaves Sawyer, who pulls out a familiar piece of paper - one that we recognize from the pilot - and begins to read, which launches into a FLASHBACK -

- to the hotel room where we last left him. Jessica is more than curious about all the cash Sawyer has in his briefcase. Sawyer explains that it's his life savings - $140,000 - but only half of what he needs to buy into a share of an oil mining operation. He's meeting with an investor who may supply the other half. Jessica's intrigued and offers a way to get the rest of the money without the investor - through her husband.

Back on the island, Kate tries to calm Jack down. She offers to talk to Sawyer, claiming she can reason with him because, "they have a connection". Kate approaches Sawyer and attempts to appeal to his sense of capitalism. She asks what he wants in exchange for the inhaler refills and Sawyer requests a kiss. Kate doesn't buy that this is what he wants and tries to get under Sawyer's skin by mentioning his 'letter' - the one she's seen him read several times before. Sawyer turns dark at the mention of the letter, forcing Kate to read it out loud. We learn that the letter was written by a young boy who implicates Sawyer in a scam against his parents, which led to an affair with his mother, driving his father to kill his mother and then himself. Meanwhile, out in the jungle, Sayid questions Locke on his whereabouts when he was attacked. Locke claims he was out hunting and points Sayid in Sawyers direction - someone who's been profiting from their current circumstance. Locke gives Sayid one of his knives to protect him from another potential attack.

At the caves, Shannon is in the throes of an asthma attack, as Sun looks on concerned. Sawyer strolls into camp for water, which infuriates Jack, who finally takes a satisfying swing at him. But Sawyer is defiant and doesn't fight back. Jack is left to walk away and off Sawyer's look we -

- FLASHBACK - to an upscale restaurant, where Sawyer, posing as Jessica's co-worker at the bank, explains the oil opportunity to her husband, David. But David is skeptical. Sawyer seems unphased and walks away, but David has second thoughts and calls out to Sawyer, who stops with a grin plastered across his face. Sawyer leaves the money with David in an act of good faith and tells him he'll wait for a decision.

Back at the beach, Charlie and Claire discuss the comforts they miss at home - but all Charlie can think of is food. Claire admits that she too misses food and is especially craving peanut butter. Charlie makes a deal with her - if he produces peanut butter, she moves to the caves, where, at the moment, Shannon is having a much more severe attack and Jack has to talk her down. He storms out to confront to Sawyer again. Sayid follows him and suggests that he knows a way to get what they want out of Sawyer - he was, after all, in the Iraqi Republican Guard. And Jack, having had no luck at reasoning or fighting with Sawyer, can only agree.

Meanwhile, Charlie hunts for peanuts to make peanut butter, while Sun shares a remedy for Shannon with Michael. On the beach, Sayid sneaks up on Sawyer while he's sleeping and clubs him over the head. He and Jack drag Sawyer out into the woods and tie him to a tree, much to Kate's objection. Jack attempts to reason with Sawyer one last time. But when Sawyer refuses to produce the inhalers, Sayid goes about torturing him with bamboo reeds under his nails. Jack can barely stand to watch and calls Sayid off. But there's more going on here for Sayid, who thinks Sawyer is the one who attacked him in the previous episode. Sayid pulls out Locke's knife and threatens to put it through Sawyer's eye. This gets Sawyer to agree to talk - but only to Kate.

In FLASHBACK - we visit Sawyer in a pool-hall, where he explains to his to his 'boss', Mr. Kilo, that he left his money with the mark in order to earn his trust. He explains that the wives are easy, but that the husbands need to think they're smarter than him. Kilo tells Sawyer he had better be right and demands his money, plus fifty percent, by noon the next day.

Back on the island, Sawyer wonders if Kate is going to let Shannon suffer over one little kiss, which he asks for shamelessly and she agrees to selflessly - but what starts as a mercy kiss turns into something more...there's chemistry between them and she may actually be enjoying it. When they break, Sawyer announces that he really doesn't have the inhalers; the copy of Waterhsip Down simply washed up on shore. And Kate smacks him, hard. She tells Jack and Sayid that Sawyer doesn't have what they need. But Sayid maintains that Sawyer is lying and goes back to resume his torture to find that he has worked himself free from the ropes. Sayid attacks Sawyer wielding Locke's knife. They tussle and Sawyer ends up with a slashed artery. Jack pinches off the blood flow, literally holding Sawyer's life in his hands. He sends Sayid to get medical supplies. And as Sawyer drifts in and out of consciousness -

- we FLASHBACK a final time, to David and Jessica's home, where Sawyer is about to close the deal and walk away with $300,000. But when David and Jessica's young son emerges from the bedroom, Sawyer can't bring himself to do it. He calls things off, inadvertently reveals his affair with Jessica and leaves the money behind.

Back on the island, Sawyer sleeps, recovering with a few stitches in his arm. He wakes up to find Kate sitting nearby with his letter. She explains to him that since she first read it, she's been feeling that something wasn't quite right. So she continued to read it - over and over again, when it occurred to her that he wrote the letter - and a 1976 Bicentennial postmark on the envelope confirms it. Sawyer admits that he was just an 8 year old kid when he wrote it. He explains that when he was nineteen, he got into trouble where he owed a lot of money to some very scary men, so he took the name of the man he was hunting and became a "confidence man" himself. But just when we think Sawyer is softening by opening up to Kate, he shuts down and chases her away.

Elsewhere, Sun brings eucalyptus leaves to Shannon, helping her to breathe, while Charlie brings some 'imaginary' peanut butter to Claire and convinces her to come to the caves. Sayid tells Kate he's leaving the camp because he can't face what he did to Sawyer - he plans to walk the shore and map the island. And Sawyer takes a lighter to his letter, about to burn it, but he's unable to go through with it and pockets the letter, right along with his anger...

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Episode #109 - "Solitary"
November 17, 2004

Sayid sits alone on an unfamiliar stretch of beach. He stares at the photo of the Arab woman we saw Claire return to him in "Walkabout." After running his fingers lovingly over it and placing it back inside his pack, Sayid stands to continue his journey. But something catches his eye. A closer look reveals it as a piece of wire sticking out of the sand. Sayid pulls the wire, lifting it out of the sand, leading into the jungle.

On our beach, Kate tells Jack she's worried about Sayid - it's been two days since he left. Jack tells her that Sayid is a trained soldier and can take care of himself.

Back in the jungle, Sayid continues to follow the cable until he sees something that causes him to stop in his tracks. There, hidden in the thick undergrowth of the jungle is a tripwire. Sayid carefully steps over the booby trap only to find that the wire was designed to get him to do exactly that. He's snatched into the air and slammed into a tree, impaling his leg on a branch. He continues to hang in the trap for a long time, quietly praying when he hears something coming. Caught between fear and hope, he calls out for help. The rope that's holding him is cut with one swipe of a machete and Sayid comes crashing to the ground. He's able to see the faint outline of someone coming towards him before he passes out.

At the caves, Jack is tending to the various ailments of the survivors. Hurley comments that everyone appears severely strung out. Jack tells Hurley at least they're surviving and they should be happy about that. Jack: "Things could be worse." Hurley: "How?"

As Sayid slowly regains consciousness, he hears a woman's voice ask, "Where is Alex?" When Sayid doesn't answer, the shadowy figure that belongs to the voice flips a switch and electricity surges through the wire bed frame that Sayid is tied to. His body jerks in response to the pain. Sayid begs her to stop and tries to tell her he doesn't know who Alex is, but the switch is flipped again and the light bulbs dim as the voltage is channeled to more painful use.

We FLASHBACK to an interrogation room where a younger, uniformed Sayid works over a prisoner tied to a chair. He beats him savagely until his victim relents. Sayid's superior, "Omar" is impressed enough to promote him and as they playfully tease each other outside the torture rooms, a female prisoner is led across their path. She and Sayid seem to share a flash of recognition, but before they can act on it, she is led away.

Night has fallen at the caves and Hurley is roused from his sleep when Locke returns to camp with some additional luggage he and another survivor found while out tracking game. As they leave it to Hurley to process for useful items, Walt wakes up and asks Locke if he can go hunting with him. Before Locke can answer, Michael wakes up and answers for him. No chance...

We rejoin Sayid in the island in midst of another jolt of electricity. He pleads with his captor, claiming he doesn't know who Alex is! He survived a plane crash and heard a distress call that a French woman left-one that has been playing for sixteen years. When his captor repeats the distress call, we realize that Sayid is being held by the FRENCH WOMAN herself! As she comes into frame and reveals her wild eyes, she tells Sayid that she knows who he really is and knocks him out again.

When he comes to once more, Sayid sees the French Woman rummaging through his pack. He takes a moment to look around her habitat and notices a name stenciled on the back of a jacket. He says it aloud, "Rousseau." But hearing her name only makes her more suspicious and she wants to know more about Sayid. She finds the photos in his backpack and asks him who the woman is. And that question is answered when we FLASHBACK to the prison where we saw Sayid earlier. He has been given a new prisoner to interrogate, but when he steps inside to begin his questions, he discovers this is no ordinary prisoner-it's the woman who crossed his path in the previous flashback. She calls Sayid by his given name and we learn that they grew up together, when he knew her as "Nadia." She wonders how the boy she liked so much as a child could willingly serve the regime of Saddam Hussein. She shows him the scars that mark the other interrogations she has suffered through and says she will tell him nothing. Sayid: "Then I'm going to hurt you." Nadia: "I know."

Back in real time, the French Woman wants to know if the woman in the photo is on the island. Sayid tells her that she is dead because of him. This admission seems to form a connection with the French Woman who tells Sayid her name is "Danielle" and shares that she knows what it is like to lose a love. Sayid asks if she means "Alex", but she says it was Robert, a fellow scientist stranded with Danielle when their research vessel sank off the island years ago.

Meanwhile, at the caves, Michael is in the middle of showing Jack his design for an ingenious shower system when Charlie summons them to a grassy hill over the ocean where they are met with something totally unexpected-even for this island. A golf bag was found in the wreckage and Hurley has been busy constructing a primitive 2-hole golf course to raise spirits.

Back at Danielle's habitat, she shows Sayid a broken music box that Robert gave her. Sayid offers to fix it...if she will untie his hands. She goes to a cabinet and removes an ancient hypodermic syringe, using sandpaper to remove the rust from the needle itself. As Sayid begs her not to do it, she jabs him in the leg and sends him under. When he comes to, Sayid is chained to a desk by his feet and the music box is waiting in front of him. She mentions the presence of the "others", but when Sayid asks if she has actually seen other people on the island, she says no. However, she claims to hear them...out there in the jungle. They whisper...

We FLASHBACK to the prison in Iraq as Sayid enters Nadia's cell with some food-and a seemingly genuine concern for her. Sayid shows her a series of photos and begs her to simply nod at the one who helped plan the bombing he's been investigating. If she does just that, he's sure he can get her released. And though we can see her affection for Sayid, Nadia won't do it.

Back in real time, Sayid uses the tools Danielle provided to work on the mechanics and soon it is playing just like new. As Danielle revels in the joy of the music, Sayid asks her to let him go. He now realizes that he must return to his friends. If they have any hope of rescue, they must all work together. Danielle tells him he can't leave, he needs her if he wants to survive-and as they are arguing there is a menacing ROAR from outside. Danielle immediately springs into action, grabbing her rifle, a knife and extra ammo. "Maybe it's one of the bears," she says. "Dinner." Sayid asks her to untie him so he can go with her. She tells him no-she knows he will only run off. As she is climbing out of the habitat, Sayid warns her that it might be the monster. Danielle looks at Sayid with a mixture of pity and reassurance-"Poor Sayid," she says. "There are no such things as monsters." As soon as she leaves the habitat, Sayid opens his hand to reveal a tiny screwdriver he managed to palm without Danielle seeing. He uses it to break free and he quickly gathers his things. He takes the many charts and maps on the table, stuffs them into his backpack and grabs the spare rifle before climbing his way out.

In FLASHBACK we go once more to the Iraqi prison to learn that Sayid has been ordered to shoot Nadia. He argues for more time, but Omar orders him to get on with it-it's been months and she's given them nothing. Sayid marches Nadia under armed guard toward the killing room. When they reach the room, he dismisses the other guards, telling them he'll take over from there. Once they're out of sight, he removes Nadia's hood and leads her to a door. He tells her that there's a truck outside that will be leaving for Baghdad in a few minutes-if she hurries, she can hide in the back and escape before anyone notices. As he removes her chains, Omar comes from behind and demands to know what's going on. Sayid's face answers the question for him and as he pulls his sidearm, Sayid draws his own and shoots Omar. Nadia begs Sayid to come with him, but he tells her he can't. If he deserts, Saddam's forces will murder his entire family. Nadia manages to write something on the back the familiar photo that Sayid carries before fleeing out the door.

Back in the jungle, Sayid struggles on his bad leg to escape. He hears someone coming and hides just in time to see Danielle looking for him. He gets the drop on her and tells her to throw down her weapon, but she won't listen. He tells her if she doesn't drop the gun, he'll have to shoot her, but she still raises the gun into firing position. Sayid is forced to pull the trigger - CLICK. Nothing happens. Danielle tells Sayid that she removed the firing pin. After an impassioned exchange between them, Danielle agrees to let Sayid leave, but refuses to come back with him. Sayid has one final question before he leaves, "Who is Alex?" Danielle has a look of sadness when she answers, "Alex was my child."

Meanwhile, in the valley, the whole camp is watching the first "Island Open" as Jack, Charlie and Michael battle it out on the golf course. People are actually laughing for what seems like the first time since they crashed here. Even Sawyer manages to share the moment with the others. But not everyone is at the Golf tournament. As Locke practices throwing one of his knives into the trunk of a tree, Walt emerges from the brush. He asks Locke to teach him. After considering the question for a moment, Locke turns the knife around and hands it to Walt. As he takes it, we are left to wonder just what he has begun...

As night falls, Sayid struggles to make his way back to the beach. The wind howls around him and for a moment he thinks he hears something...the whispering of voices. As we push in on Sayid, we are left to wonder whether the wind is playing tricks on him or...if there really is something out there.

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Episode #110 - "Raised by Another"
December 1, 2004

Claire wakes to the sound of a baby crying, opens her eyes and looks down to find that she's no longer pregnant. She follows the cries to find Locke, sitting at a desk in the middle of the jungle. He relays a cryptic message to Claire-"He was your responsibility, but you gave him away. Everyone pays the price now." Then he looks up and Claire sees that one eye is light, the other dark. She runs away and stumbles upon a baby's crib, above which hangs a mobile with miniature Oceanic planes spinning in a circle. Claire reaches down to pick up the crying baby-but the crib is empty. She peels back the white blankets to discover her hands are covered in blood. Claire screams. A hand falls on her shoulder-she turns and wakes again to find Charlie, who tells her that she's having a nightmare. But his concern grows when he sees blood on her hands...

Charlie brings Claire to see Jack, who explains that she was sleepwalking and that the blood was a result of digging her fingernails into her palms. He questions her about her pregnancy-specifically about the date when she found out she was pregnant-which leads to-

A FLASHBACK-of Claire with her boyfriend Thomas. Both are panicked over the positive results of an EPT test. Claire is hesitant to accept the truth. But Thomas tells her that he loves her and convinces her that it could be a good thing for them to raise this baby together.

Back on the island, Charlie brings Claire some tea and offers to be her friend. But Claire is clearly hesitant again, unwilling to get close to him. Meanwhile, Kate tells Jack she is worried about Sayid, who has been gone for days.

Another FLASHBACK reveals Claire with a friend on a visit to see a psychic. The psychic seems legitimate when he asks Claire about her pregnancy. However, he refuses to go on with the reading when he sees something blurry in her future. With a look of panic on his face, he asks Claire to leave.

Back at the caves, Claire is sound asleep when someone sneaks up and covers her mouth. Charlie and Jack wake to her screams again and rush to her side. Though she appears to be alone, she claims that someone was trying to hurt her baby and stabbed her with some sort of needle. Charlie and Hurley immediately set out on the hunt while Jack tries to calm Claire. Hurley suggests they start to canvass, or at the very least, compile a list of names of each survivor on the island. In the meantime, Charlie volunteers to stay with Claire and look out for her.

Another FLASHBACK shows Claire and Thomas in the process of fixing up their apartment for the baby. But something is clearly wrong with Thomas, who's beginning to get cold feet and fears the responsibility of a baby. He goes as far as to suggest that Claire trapped him and walks out on her.

Back at the beach, Jack and Charlie talk to Kate. Jack expresses doubt that something actually happened to Claire -she was sleepwalking and woke up two nights in a row, screaming-her symptoms are textbook anxiety. Why would someone try to hurt her baby anyway? Jack is concerned that her stress level could trigger an early labor. He goes to Claire and offers her a sedative, suggesting that she may have been imagining things due to all the anxiety, to which Claire takes offense and packs up for the beach.

Hurley continues his census with a guy named Ethan Rom, while Claire walks toward the beach. We FLASHBACK to Claire re-visiting the psychic, offering him more money and requesting that he continue her reading -she needs to know the future now that Thomas is gone because she intends on giving up the baby for adoption. But the psychic tells her that it's crucial she raise this child herself, warning her that great danger will befall her if she gives it up. Claire runs out. But the psychic is persistent and calls her on the phone. He begins to offer an alternative solution, but Claire hangs up before he can finish.

On the island, Hurley gets registry info from Shannon & Boone. Boone suggests it might be easier if Hurley got the plane manifest from Sawyer. Hurley goes to Sawyer and doesn't even bother negotiating -he just comes out and asks. And, surprisingly, Sawyer gives it up.

Meanwhile, Charlie catches up with Claire on her way to the beach. Claire claims that the only reason Charlie wants to help her is because of his need to rescue the pregnant girl. As she tells him she doesn't need rescuing, she has a contraction. Charlie reluctantly runs to get Jack as we go into-

A FLASHBACK-to a lawyer's office, where Claire is about to sign papers giving up rights to her baby. But her pen runs out of ink and she can't bring herself to do it. She leaves and revisits the psychic, ready to take him up on his offer.

Charlie runs into Ethan and sends him to get Jack while he returns to Claire, whose contractions have stopped. Claire tells Charlie about the psychic as we-

FLASHBACK to the events she retells, where the psychic offers her money and a plane ticket to Los Angeles to meet a couple with whom the baby will be safe. But the tickets are for an Oceanic flight-and Charlie deduces that the psychic may have known about the plane crash all along and was consciously sending her and her baby to their death.

Meanwhile, Sayid returns to the camp with news of the French Woman, (a callback to the very first episode, when the survivors heard the French Transmission) announcing that they're not alone on the island. Hurley confirms this information with news that one of the survivors names wasn't on the manifest. And while returning to the caves, Claire and Charlie run into that survivor-Ethan Rom. Off of their terrified expressions, we cut to black.

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Episode #111 -
"All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues"
December 8, 2004

Picking up right were we left off last week, the survivors react to the information that Ethan was not on the plane manifest. Fearing the worse, Jack and Locke rush out to locate Charlie and Claire. They come across Claire's bag and find a set of footprints with evidence that someone was dragged off. Jack calls to Charlie and Claire, but Locke urges him to be quiet - whoever took them could still be around. While Locke wants to organize a search party, Jack acts impetuously and runs off on his own.

We FLASHBACK -- to Jack in the OR, attempting to resuscitate a female patient. The Chief of Surgery enters and orders him to call the time of death. But Jack is determined and won't stop CPR. Everyone in the room can feel the tension between them until finally, the Chief steps up and calls it himself.

Back at camp, Locke gathers his gear with the intention of catching up with Jack. Kate and Boone volunteer to go along with him. But when Michael tries to volunteer, Locke tells him that another person would only slow them down. Feeling rejected, Michael threatens to put together his own search party.

Out in the jungle, with little to go on, Jack's search is proving futile. We FLASHBACK to the OR again, as he looks over the dead patient's body. The Chief berates Jack for taking over his surgery. Jack says that he stepped in because one of the nurses told him the Chief's hands were shaking and that he cut into the patient's artery. And we begin to realize just how personal this argument really is when Jack asks, "How many drinks did you have at lunch, Dad?" As their eyes lock, we recognize Jack's dad, Christian.

Back on the island, Locke, Kate and Boone catch up with Jack and realize he's been going in circles. Locke insists that he return to camp and look over Sayid, "You be the doctor, I'll be the hunter." But Jack refuses and follows after them.

At camp, Michael fills up water bottles, all the while complaining to Hurley that Locke treats him like a second class citizen. Walt defends Locke and advises his father to listen to him. Michael doesn't take this too well and in a competitive action, resolves to head south in search of Charlie and Claire.

Meanwhile, the northern search continues, but they're having trouble finding any leads. Locke wants to rest, but Jack insists they push on. Kate follows Jack in an attempt to find out what's driving him so hard. Jack reveals that he feels guilty about not believing Claire when she said that someone was trying to take her baby. Locke calls after them because he's found a piece of tape from Charlie's fingers. It seems that Charlie left them a trail. They follow it hopefully, until Locke picks up the footprints again. Locke wants to follow them, while Jack insists they continue on Charlie's trail. Kate points out that the footprints could be a trap. Since she seems to know an awful lot about tracking herself, they split in two - Kate with Jack follow Charlie's trail, while Locke with Boone continue to follow the footprints.

Back at the caves, Walt and Hurley play backgammon. The more Walt continues to win, the more his ability to, "make things happen" becomes apparent. Hurley leaves in utter defeat and frustration. Bored, Walt wanders down to the beach and spreads the news about Charlie and Claire. He runs into Sawyer and suggests that maybe they aren't the only people on the island. While Sawyer brushes him off, he can't help but be disturbed at the thought.

Out on the search, Locke & Boone get to know one another. Boone is surprised to learn of Locke's meager existence in the real world -John Locke was a Regional Collections Supervisor for a box company. Meanwhile, Jack attempts to get to know Kate a little better, asking her to give him something honest for once and tell him where she picked up her tracking skills. Kate tells Jack that her father was in the army and that he taught her about tracking when they would go hiking together. And off that revelation about Kate's father, we go to -

-- a FLASHBACK with Jack's father, who encourages his son to sign off on the death report, which conveniently leaves out the part about his father's mistakes. Jack refuses to sign, insisting that his father was impaired, which is what ultimately led to the woman's death. Jack's father reminds him that he is on the hook too -Jack is the surgeon on record when the woman died. He begs his son not to contradict the report or mention anything about the involvement of alcohol - it would cost him his license. He further appeals to his son's emotions, telling him just what he wants to hear: He's been hard on him to make him the best surgeon in the city. Jack's father promises that it will never happen again and Jack signs the papers.

Back on the island, Sawyer goes to the caves to talk to Sayid. The hostility between them is still palpable and while we think Sawyer may have come for payback, we soon learn he's there to have some questions answered - what did Sayid find while he was away? Sayid shares information of the French woman and her team, but points out that what she said may or may not be true. Sawyer pushes for more information, but Sayid admits that he doesn't have the answers.

Out in the jungle, Locke & Boone are hot on the trail. Locke senses that it's going to rain and warns Boone against impending danger ahead. He tries to convince him to go back to camp. But Boone refuses and follows Locke deeper into the jungle as it begins to pour. Meanwhile, Jack and Kate hear the roar of the monster as we --

-- FLASHBACK - to the hospital, where Jack sees his father conversing with the deceased woman's husband in the hallway. A nurse tells Jack that the man has threatened to sue. Jack watches his father work his persuasive magic and console the husband.

In real time, Jack and Kate run and are separated. Jack slips and slides down a bank into a puddle of mud. He looks up to see Ethan standing over him. Ethan orders Jack to stop following him. But when Jack asks who he is and where Charlie and Claire are, Ethan delivers a healthy punch to Jack's face, knocking him back down. He tells Jack once again to stop following him or he'll kill one of his people. Jack attempts to fight him off, but Ethan is too strong and gains the upper hand, telling Jack this is his last warning and knocking him out. Kate finds Jack and suggests that Ethan may have been a hallucination - he fell pretty hard and banged his head. But Jack is sure Ethan was there and is now more determined than ever to find Charlie and Claire.

We FLASHBACK to a medical review board, where Jack's father details what happened during the fateful surgery. Jack can barely stomach listening to his father's lies. When he learns that the patient in question was pregnant, he can no longer hold his tongue and speaks out against his father, revising his statement to include the fact that his father was operating under the influence and severed the patient's artery. Jack's father stares at his son, shocked by this act of betrayal.

Back in the jungle, Jack and Kate come across Charlie, strung up by his neck, hanging from a tree limb. Kate struggles to climb the tree and cut him down as Jack holds him up. She finally succeeds and Jack works to resuscitate him. It becomes increasingly clear that Charlie is gone and Kate has to pull Jack away - but Jack won't give up, and after beating on Charlie's chest, he gets him to breathe again.

Back at camp, Michael returns without success, disappointing Walt; Kate tells Shannon her brother is safe with Locke; and Jack tries to get Charlie to talk about what happened - but Charlie is experiencing a sort of shellshock and can only convey that all Ethan wanted was Claire.

Out in the jungle, Boone is ready to turn back, the bravado replaced by fear. But his mind changes when he and Locke make an extraordinary discovery - something metal embedded in the ground - and it's not a piece of the wreckage. Excited, Locke vows to find out exactly what it is.

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Episode #112 - "Whatever The Case May Be"
January 5, 2005

Kate is out climbing trees for fruit when she runs into Sawyer. They walk through an unexplored part of the jungle, hear the sound of running water and come into a clearing to find a waterfall. They climb to the top and dive into the water to find that this lagoon is not as perfect as it looked. On the bottom, still strapped to their airplane seats, they find two bodies. Horrified, they surface, but Sawyer wants to dive back down and see if he can find any valuables. Kate spots a silver Haliburton case, which she brings up and claims as her own - however, she doesn't have the key, which leads Sawyer to believe otherwise. Kate attempts to act as if the case doesn't matter to her and hands it over to Sawyer.

Back at the beach, people scurry to salvage their belongings as the tide comes up and threatens the fuselage. Jack presses Sayid for information regarding the French woman. Sayid explains that he has to translate the maps and papers in order to make sense of anything. Meanwhile, on another part of the beach, Shannon interrogates Boone as to where he's been - he's been leaving everyday at sunrise and returning after dark. Boone claims he's been out looking for Claire and tells Shannon she's been absolutely useless.

As the sun sets on another day, Kate sits by the campfire, obviously disturbed that Sawyer has the Haliburton case and whatever it may hold. We FLASHBACK to find Kate at a bank, opening a new account, when three armed men enter and order everyone on the ground. Robber #1 tells the Bank Manager to open the money cage before people start getting killed.

Back on the island, Kate sneaks up on Sawyer in an attempt to lift the case out from under his legs. But Sawyer wakes up and grabs Kate in a leg lock. Kate gives him a head butt and escapes. She demands Sawyer hand over the Haliburton, but in typical Sawyer fashion, he refuses, now very intrigued by what this case means to Kate.

The next day, Sayid approaches Shannon as she lies on the beach sunbathing and requests her help in translating the papers he took from the French woman, Rousseau. And while she suspects Boone may have put Sayid up to it, she agrees to try in order to prove herself useful. Meanwhile, Sawyer attempts to pick the lock on the Haliburton. Michael and Hurley tell him how futile it is, but Sawyer claims he can pick the lock on anything. Michael tells him the only way to open it would be to hit it with something hard - like the axe...

...which Boone carries through the jungle, where he meets up with Locke. After convincing Locke that no one saw him take the axe, they head off on an unknown mission.

Sawyer attempts to smash the Halliburton open on a rock, but much to his frustration it still won't crack. He climbs to the top of a tree and drops it on some boulders. Suddenly, Kate comes sneaking out of the woods and grabs the case. Sawyer climbs down and gives chase, eventually catching up and tackling her to the ground. Sawyer promises that if she tells him what's inside the case, he'll hand it over. But Kate remains silent as we --

-- FLASHBACK to the bank, where the robbers are getting violent. A customer near Kate attempts to take out Robber #2, knocking his gun loose and sending it skidding across the floor, landing at Kate's feet. The customer yells at her to pick it up. Kate fumbles with the gun and claims she doesn't know how to use it. Robber #1 grabs her and forcefully leads her into the back room, where we learn that they are in cahoots together when they lock lips in a passionate kiss.

Back at the caves, Kate approaches Jack to ask for his help in getting the Haliburton from Sawyer. Kate suggests they dig up the Marshal's body in order to get the key from his wallet. She tells Jack that the case contains four, 9-millimeter guns, which would be dangerous for Sawyer to have in his possession. But Jack knows there's something more to the story - there always is with Kate. He senses there must be something very important to her in that case and agrees to help her on one condition - that once they get the key, they open it together.

This leads to another FLASHBACK to the back room of the bank, where in order to make it look good, Robber #1 slugs "Maggie" across the face. He pushes her out to the front and puts a gun to her head, threatening to pull the trigger if the Manager doesn't hand over the keys to the cage. The Manager finally gives in and they march him over to the money.

On the island, Kate and Jack continue digging, revolted by the stench. They reach the Marshal's body, where Kate reaches into his pocket and lifts out his wallet. She opens it, but comes up empty handed. She hands the wallet over to Jack, who is quick to realize that Kate palmed the key. Angry with her for continuing to lie to him, Jack takes the key from her.

At the beach, Shannon continues her attempt to translate the papers, but Sayid is growing increasingly frustrated - the equations don't relate to her translations. Shannon suggests that the French woman may have been crazy after sixteen years alone on the island, which is why nothing makes sense. Sayid feels asking for Shannon's help may have been a mistake and when he verbalizes his regret, she picks up and leaves in a huff.

Meanwhile, Jack threatens to stop administering antibiotics to Sawyer if he doesn't give him the Haliburton. Sawyer reluctantly hands it over, but not before asking if Kate divulged the contents, to which Jack can only shake his head "no." Jack brings the case back to Kate and they begin to open it together, as agreed, when we --

-- FLASHBACK to the cage, where Robber #1 pockets bundles of cash. The Manager argues to let "the girl" go. But Robber #1 has different plans. He reveals that "the girl" is the mastermind behind the heist, before taking off his mask and aiming his gun at the Manager. Kate quickly spins and disarms Robber #2, leveling that gun on Robber #1 - "We said nobody gets hurt." But when Robber #1 continues advancing toward the Manager, Kate is forced to shoot him in the leg. The other Robbers react and each takes a bullet from Kate. Kate turns to the Manager and demands the keys to the Safety Deposit boxes. Robber #1 writhes on the ground, incredulous that Maggie would set them up. Kate responds, "My name's not Maggie". She gets the Manager's keys, and with her customer key, opens the box. Inside she finds a small green envelope.

Back on the island, Jack and Kate are about to open the Haliburton when Jack asks Kate if there is anything she wants to tell him first. When Kate says nothing, Jack proceeds to open the case. He pulls out the guns, the ammo and an envelope marked 'personal effects'. Kate takes it and opens it to find the smaller green envelope, which we recognize from the bank. She pulls out...a small toy airplane!? Jack asks if that's what she was looking for and demands to know the truth. Kate claims the plane belonged to the man she loved, then breaks down and admits it belonged to the man she killed. Angry and confused, Jack takes the guns and leaves.

On the new beach, people have settled around scattered campfires for the evening. Shannon approaches Sayid and tells him that she realized the words from the papers were lyrics to a song... "Beyond the Sea." And as Shannon sings the hauntingly beautiful song in French, we pull back to reveal Boone, watching from the shadows.

At a separate campfire, Kate stares at the toy plane with a tear in her eye.

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